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  1. Gargaligas
    waiting for summer and create armor and other things
  2. 929738765
    My email is or
  3. Fliguy1
    Fliguy1 SavedbyGraceG12
    hey. was looking for some good armor model sets. do u know where one would find some. im getting tiard of trying to model this stuff... lol.
  4. Benton188
    Tank is back in progress baby! Current priority: Treads
  5. electricknite
    Building an entire Noble team O.O
  6. grifandsargert
    cant wait for summer
  7. Doden Mane
    Doden Mane
    Anyone wiliing to make a peprakura file for me?
  8. SI3RRA 117
  9. Schankerz
    So I just post my status in here?, like I have time for that, just put something in there for me...
    I'm new at this
  11. TeejayCard
    Will be working the Sci-Fi Valley Con as it's in my home town. Can't wait to see everyone there!
  12. HanSoloNZ
    I have no idea what I'm doing, but after all these years it's so ingrained that now I'm just going with it.
  13. EndlessForrest
    if you want updates on my costume check out my thread WIP Halo 3 Hunter
  14. EndlessForrest
    got some fresh pictures uploaded woo!!
  15. tenockz
    Have built several suites enjoy doing it, and love what everyone here does. couldn't be happier to be appart of this community
  16. xanzx
    ODST armor finished and ready for wear! Now, what's next..
  17. Luc
    Waiting for my ODST armor to come in
  18. purpuk
    purpuk ControlrFreak
    Hi there C Freak. I've had my pep on hold for a couple years now and weeks ago I pulled my torso out of my house moving box and my helmet had crushed it. The helmet on my profile piccie was done with the knife method I posted and its dead straight. resin 1st coat on the paper does twist and shrink the paper a little but it means a bit more perfection with no extra effort than normal.
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    2. ControlrFreak
      What kind of resin do you use? I've seen quite a few videos where people use fiberglass resin, and others where people use epoxy resin. I like the sound of the epoxy resin because it isn't toxic and I live in an apartment so that would be easier for me to work with.
      Apr 23, 2017
  19. EndlessForrest
    just need to work on the gun and sheild now
  20. EndlessForrest
    got the shoulders mask and spine templates done going to cut them out today
  21. thespartanA116
  22. GuitarsBrian
    GuitarsBrian CPO mendez
    What about the armor abilities from Halo 4? Can you make 3d models out of them?
  23. mblackwell1002
    Papeesheewoosh- \puh-pee-shee-whoosh\ Adjective- Bewildering; Spectacular
  24. Boj4ngl3s
    Excited to start a new hobby!
  25. EndlessForrest
    Next, will be the shoulders, the mask and the spines. Lastly will be the left hand, the shield, and the plasma cannon arm last.Then details!