For Sale 405th Division Patches are HERE!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Art Andrews, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Division Staff

  2. Jedi Ranger

    Jedi Ranger

    Can't wait to get my order!
  3. DocDailey


    Good job Art!! Great pricing too!
  4. peterthethinker


    Gotta ask. are they Iron on and sew or just sew?
  5. Evolver79


    Got mine today, very nice quality!
  6. comics1996

    comics1996 Recruit

    Nice I will have to buy one!
  7. Chernobyl


    Pic very related.

    I ordered a three-pack. We'll see how these look with the rest of my Halo-related patches.

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  8. kilroyactual117


    Awesome! wish it was velcro backed though...but still a great patch.
  9. Evolver79


    You can get Industrial Velcro from Home Depot and apply it to the back. I've done that with some patches and the adhesive works great!
  10. Underdog410


    Got one! Looks amazing! I put it on my backpack that I use everyday. Are there going to be regiment patches as well soon possibly?
  11. PiercingThread7


    Out of stock. -_-
    Rest in Pepperoni.
  12. tomboy


    At least they should be back in stock on the 20th, same day as Halo 5. I wonder if they did that on purpose...
  13. nerdman234


    These look awesome. 3 for 13$ is pretty good.
  14. Yortstorm


    nice,nice,nice... ill throw a couple on my airsoft gear... advertize the 405th in my BDU's...
  15. Dirtdives


    wish they had some vinyl ones so I could put in my cay window......
  16. Yortstorm


    ya.... kinda like a bumper sticker one aswell...
    i am serious about making em velcro.... i think ill just get 2... then work from there
  17. Catbrains

    Catbrains Recruit

    Couldn't help myself. Bought two of em and they're on their way to me now.
    Pretty excited. They look nice.
  18. animeloverlela

    animeloverlela Recruit

    Do you have any Regiment patches? I'm looking for a Pacific Regiment patch.
  19. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff

    Please check with Spacemeat.
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  20. Jedi Ranger

    Jedi Ranger

    Is the product page closed, or just my shitty connection here at work?
  21. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

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