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  1. PerniciousDuke
    Nearing the end of my first suit. Just electronics left.
  2. ODST Langford
    ODST Langford wheeelman
    Welcome to the 405th! :D
  3. VenomSymbiote
    Noob cosplayer and prop maker. Still learning pls be gentle.
  4. ODST Langford
    ODST Langford
    Cutting and folding , Gluing....rinse and repeat
  5. DumbledoreDies
    I've been lurking for the past few years, now I finally joined.
  6. IronWolf
    IronWolf ODST Langford
    whats up man
    1. ODST Langford
      ODST Langford
      just pepping! awesome Armour btw!
      Feb 18, 2018 at 10:30 PM
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    2. IronWolf
      lol youll be pretty busy for a good while . Thanks btw
      Feb 19, 2018 at 2:00 AM
  7. Vetteking95
    Beginning research for my first build! (Halo 3 "Red vs Blue Sarge" )
  8. Zackary
    Making a Halo fangame. Making assets is harder than I thought.
  9. Spartan 43
    Spartan 43
    Spartans dont Die, They're missing in action...I've been missing, but am back and building.
  10. neverplayedhalo
    neverplayedhalo Asgardianhammer
    Hey could you upload some reference images for the hazop helmet? Front, back, side?
  11. Nordic Spartan
    Nordic Spartan
    Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while. I been busy with work and my new project! Its my first ever armor build! Pics coming soon! ^^
  12. 0852
    0852 Nordic Spartan
    what did you use for your visor
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    2. Nordic Spartan
      Nordic Spartan
      I did not make this helmet, i got it from Christopher Works but i dont remember who he got it from sorry i think stoney props not sure doe :/
      Feb 10, 2018
  13. IronWolf
    Wondering if there are other members from south east asia.
  14. Jalabakis
    Jalabakis Art Andrews
    Hi, I'm Jalabakis a new member of the 405th. When regarding the 'Armory Files' that you've posted on the forum, are they all safe to download without my computer being prone to infection from viruses or other malware? Please let me know as soon as possible because I'm eager to start crafting my own set of armor! Kind regards.
  15. SI3RRA 117
    SI3RRA 117
    Eh don’t mind me I just get bored with my profile pics
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  16. SI3RRA 117
  17. PaiganBoi
    Finally starting up on ODST again! Rejoice!
  18. animeloverlela
    Working on my Teishin Helmet!
  19. GoodMornin2u2
    Yes, I know that is Keanu Reeves haha
  20. mblackwell1002
    Bow chicka bump bump - Caboose
  21. mblackwell1002
    And out of the darkness came...ME! And I said "Funerals are sad, and we should have a birthday party instead" Yes! - Caboose
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  22. mblackwell1002
    "I am somewhat concerned that they will make another Indiana jones movie" - Caboose
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  23. SI3RRA 117
    SI3RRA 117
    My names Michael J Caboose and I hate taxes!!
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  24. HaloReachGeneral
  25. RenegadePotato
    Waiting on them templates and foam