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New Profile Posts

  1. Blade137
    Trying out my first Masterchief armed.
  2. Psylancer722
    Psylancer722 WarWolf364
    Need your FB and Discord dude
  3. VerdantTrash
    My dog ate my helmet ; - ;
  4. thatdamnjodie
  5. VenTech
    I am looking for the IMAA helmet desing file. BlackKaos if you have this file can you please send it to me
  6. Eli
    Eli Master Builder
    How do I get the templates for this stuff
  7. CollinMcCaf
    Modeling pretty much every magnum
  8. MPlayer20
    Already building my reach cosplay
  9. Sean Anwalt
    Sean Anwalt reiseman
    Hello, reiseman. I just found your elite build, but you kinda left us hanging. How did it turn out?
    1. reiseman
      Hello... well it is still there. I work on the helmet when i can. The owner of the shop i work at had cancer and did not say anything to anyone. He died a couple of years ago. I am the only one there that can operate the frame machine now, so no more free time at work to play with bondo. I have not given up on it, i just hit pause. I will try to get a few pics up this weekend of where the helmet is now. Thanks.
      Jun 15, 2018
    2. Sean Anwalt
      Sean Anwalt
      I'm sorryto hear about the shop owner. It always stinks when work gets in the way of play, but such is life, I guess.

      Anyway, keep us posted when you can, and good luck with the shop, man!
      Jun 16, 2018 at 5:39 AM
  10. thatdamnjodie
    Scorch at 95% completion
  11. plsnosnakes
    Bread, Hella Bread, Juice, Sauce, Milk, and Bread
  12. plsnosnakes
    Hitter of yeets, Bullfrogs ODST Air Assault
  13. plsnosnakes
    Hitter of yeets,ODST Air Assault unit "Bullfrogs"
  14. nerdman234
    Making things, not measuring twice
  15. brkiker
    brkiker KellyKell
    Welcome to the UNSC. :)

    Be sure to find the rest of us and follow.
  16. Blake skinner
    Blake skinner
    any wait to hurry up and wait for a kit
  17. MPlayer20
    Just bought the material (EVA Foam) for my Noble Six cosplay!
  18. Majordestructi
    Last one out, hit the lights...
  19. Haneduumelon
    Haneduumelon NagFunny
    hi! do you have some gundam files?
  20. Dylan Hernandez
    Dylan Hernandez
    Current plans? Uhhh ODST probably..
  21. gage Mills
    gage Mills
    I'm having trouble covering pepakura files to work for foam. any help?
  22. Badkitty
    You get what you pay for.
  23. GunnerGrinch
  24. ODST Langford
    ODST Langford
    do not be dissapointed when you cant use you're helmet as a bucket.......There's water everywhere......Help
  25. Ph4tCoder