For Sale HALO 5 - M6H2 Magnum - Raw cast

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Timuche, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Timuche

    Timuche Member

    Hello everyone ! :)

    Now that the making and molding of my replica is complete, I sell raw cast.
    So if you want a replica of the HALO 5 Magnum, contact me by private message (y)



    These are raw cast : you will get a little work (clean joins and little things).

    The photos above are photos of the kit, taken out of the mold and without touch-ups.

    Shipping : $40
    - delivery in 3 to 8 days,
    - tracking number,
    - delivery against signature.

    Thank you !

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  2. kaween


    Excellent looking kit. Hope you sell a shitload of 'em. (y)
  3. Slayn

    Slayn New Member

    How much for a fully finished magnum painted with the Team Envyus paint scheme?
  4. Vrogy


    These look very nice, well-smoothed!

    Do you have any higher-resolution photos of the parts?
  5. TristanDubois

    TristanDubois New Member

    These look really good. Good job man.
  6. wilsoncai

    wilsoncai New Member


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