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Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by CommanderPalmer, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Membership Officer Division Staff

    I like weapons and combat knife is a necessity.

    So... Just when I've started working on the costume, I also started working on the combat knife... and the journey has been a royal pain in the butt.

    It took me some attempts to get the knife nice. I think it was the third attempt.
    I already hardened it. I really wanted the knife to be attached with magnets to the armor because I thought I'd attach it to my shin.
    What a stupid idea.
    I put the magnets inside, I even filled it whole. But then, guess what happened.
    I tested it and the knife fell and BROKE into two parts.
    I'm actually glad it happened. Why? Because I was glad I didn't spend more time on it.


    Anyway, many months happened and after more attempts I finally got the knife right.
    I was very discouraged by that fail and rather kept working on it in silence in case I'd destroy it. Again.


    Anyway, here it is. I made the handle more profiled and I made the edge of the blade very dull. There are no sharp angles or anything.


    Here is me giving the blade the black layer. Covered all parts with painter's tape.


    Finished spraying.


    And here is the finished knife. All weathered and such.


    HOWEVER, I'm not finished. After I've done my Magnum pistols, I fell in love with their colors so much that I'm repainting my knife. Already removed all the paint and I'll be sharing progress of me doing a new paintjob soon. :)
  2. BroodierGoose1

    BroodierGoose1 New Member

    Absolutely stunning. Great Job.
  3. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Membership Officer Division Staff

    Of course. I've forgotten how big pain in the butt the knife was.
    I stripped down the paint and primed it. Painted gray. THEN the knife stabbed me in the back - I have no idea why but I used the wrong color of the paint and I totally did NOT see it.
    Then again I had to remove the whole paint, prime it and spray paint.


    Here it is theoretically finished. I'll sleep now and will look at it tomorrow. Still have to remove the paint from the screws.
    However I LOVE the colors. This is how I wanted it to look like.
    I don't care if the gray+tan/beige+red skins are nice or ugly - I LOVE them. They look so sexy.


    Thank you. :)
  4. BroodierGoose1

    BroodierGoose1 New Member

    You are right about paint color, sexy. You should do a tutorial on your weathering technique, some of the best I've seen.
  5. DankDan

    DankDan New Member

    Some great work right here xD
  6. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Membership Officer Division Staff

    Alright. Here is the finished knfie.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you very much. I will do that in the future.

    Thank you.
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  7. eric draven

    eric draven New Member

    I'll be looking forward to your tutorial on weathering. Your techniques are stellar, and i tried to mimic it but failed miserably. Oh nice paint scheme on the guns and knife, they look awesome.
  8. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Membership Officer Division Staff

    Thank you very much, I'm happy to hear you like my creations. :)
    The tutorial can take some time. :/ I wanted to do it during summer, on one of the costume pieces, but I wanted to finish the costume, so I was just doing all I could to finish...
    Helmet is the one thing I still have to do and I will do the tutorial on it. :) It may take some time but it should be end of this year or somewhere next year.
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  9. KRI667


    That knife looks amazing. Can you explain what its made of and how you went about shaping it?
  10. JordeXX01

    JordeXX01 New Member

    what material did you make this out of?

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