Mass Effect 2 Templates Have Arrived

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Ithica, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins

    Chernobyl this is great, i am assuming these are in the .pdo format? When I download them I'm not able to print... maybe its on my end and I don't have the IT skills required,,, or I'm just a dumby?
  2. Chernobyl


    The files are in PDF and PDO, depending on the pack you download. PDF should print from your computer with no issues - most web browsers feature an in-built PDF viewer. As for PDO, try the latest version of Pepakura Designer.
  3. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins

    Maybe i missing something here, but when i click on the Mass Effect N7 Foam Templates, and i download them, all i see are .PNG files.
    is that what you find? again i could be missing something here. and its probably something super easy, and ill feel really dumb when it hits me but I don't see PDF's
  4. Chernobyl


    Oh. Yeah, that also sounds right - I haven't looked into those files in a while, but you can also print PNGs.
  5. Cpl Shepard

    Cpl Shepard

    Very cool, looking forward to doing a blood dragon helmet for my wall.
  6. HanSoloNZ

    HanSoloNZ New Member

    Since none of the links I have found including those above, seem to work, if anyone else is looking for templates. I found these Mass Effect N7 Armor Template.rar
  7. bestellen

    bestellen New Member

    Great templates, starting my own
  8. Kaibil

    Kaibil New Member

    i know this post is 6 years old but some bady know where can i get the templates? links broked. thank U

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