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Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Spartan55, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Spartan55


    Hi guys
    Im starting my armour again
    Nothing left to say but to do it!
    Ps pictures will be up tomorrow
  2. Spartan55


    Well it's not the day after but better late then never?
    From this Friday on words I should have weekly updates but to get you all up to speed
    This is my second attempt at this the frist time i had no plans, no one who could physically help me and couldn't decid on what the armour would be. Sooo it crashed and burned. But this time i have got friends (both on hear and in person) that can help me and I know what the end product will be. still don't have a plan but hey 2 out of 3 anit bad

    But now on to the build!
    Frist picture!!!!!
    I have right boot and shin ready to be fiber glassed I also have my battery pack ready to be installed,my custom ai unit thing in a million different pieces and templates for my energy sword cut out IMG_3147.JPG
    Ps this is ruffly what the end product will look like IMG_2821.PNG
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  3. Spartan55


    IMG_3209.JPG Update time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So currently on holidays wich is why I'm able to get so done (ps it's a lot for me!) but back to school soon and mid year exams are coming up. So not much will get done in the weeks coming. But for now This is what i got
    I got the knife handle done
    Energy sword templates done
    Left boot done (more or less)
    Battery pack needs a bit of work
    Ai module needs to be guled and puttyed
    Started on the chest
    The cod pice is done and ready for fiber glassing
  4. Spartan55


    IMG_3426.JPG Time for a update!!!!!!!!
    (Insert exsposion nosie)
    I have made a new knife handle after the last one broke
    And have finshed the chest
    Sadly no big update
    But soon more will come
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  5. Luc

    Luc New Member

  6. Spartan55


    IMG_3530.JPG No major progress this week to speek of i was only able to reinforce every thing i have (went a bit over bord) and get a little bit done on the but piec
    My mid year exams are soon so if I don't have any progress soon that will be why
    Ps anyone got any good ideas to store armour?
  7. Spartan55


    It's time for a update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today i have a big update and a overview of sorts
    Frist update on my armour it's self
    I started on my left shin
    But i also started on my thigh and butt plate....
    mess up the scaling on them

    But for props started work on the dummy blade for the knife, started work on the knifes holder
    Don't think I have ever mentioned this but the puple cut outs are energy sword templates
  8. mblackwell1002


    sweet dude! lookin' great!
    what do you plan on making the sword out of?

    Anyhow, great job!

    And may I ask why there's vanilla Ice cream in your workspace? :p
    I have nothing against vanilla, I like vanilla, but why the ice cream? :D
  9. Spartan55


    Sadly there in no ice cream i just use it to hold my hot gule gun:p
    And my plans for the sword are a solid clear acrylic core then some kind of clear silcon ruber outer
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  10. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Haha need to be careful with mblackwell1002 he picks up on EVERYTHING in a photo. And may I ask - is there a meaning to faces on your pieces?
  11. mblackwell1002


    Oh, sheesh SI3RRA 117, he's just giving his armor some personality.:lol:
  12. Spartan55


    He dose do that
    In a frog the other is a sir
    Yeah that is why and they look a bit like it
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  13. Spartan55


    Well sorry for no update of recent
    Haven't been able to get much done with exams coming up:notworthy: (save me)
    This weekend bettween studing and being sick i some how managed to squeeze in some time to work on my costume so do you know what time it is......

    So what i got done was the side straps (for the chest) the wallet (Wich is for holding my phone, keys and card) that gose in side my chest piece and finally I spliced two sets of old inner soles in to one more coftable set
    So until next time... Banana
    Spartan 055
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  14. Spartan55


    Sorry for lack of updates. life has been.... lets just say hetic.
    I also been doing other projects like fixing my bike (push bike) and a secret project that looks like a puma..... I really need to finsh projects before starting new ones..... anyways i'll hope fully I'll have some real updates soon
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  15. MrKrimson

    MrKrimson New Member

    Puma? Was that a RvB Reference, dont tell me you built a... you couldn't... could you?
  16. Dirtdives


    Is it going to be a "Push" puma?
  17. Spartan55


    (yelling in the background) Simmons!!!! that's not how you titan a screw....
    it's not done yet just in planning

    lol no it's going to be a rc that I can ride my push bike is something separate

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