CNC Machined Halo weapons. Pure UNSC Bada$$ery. Airsoft builds :D

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  1. Which model? You have a link? I'm somewhat looking for other possibilities mainly a larger print bed size since I need/want to print the BR and AR.

    And for everybody: Stay tuned in the beginning of the week. I have a very exciting (pic heavy) post coming for your viewing pleasure!!! ;)
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    The Wanhao Duplicator I3 V2.1 which is around the price I paid with filament for the M3D Micro a few months back. 8"x8"x7" build space which isn't gigantic but it's a leaps and bounds above the Micro.

    It's based on the Prusa design and is a steel frame as opposed to most acrylic bodied Chinese ripoff reprap printers.
  3. Looks pretty sweet. I'll keep looking at their stuff. I'm mainly looking for a wide base and don't need much height. The M3D is 7" cubed so it'll be a start. Even if it's like $1000, it'll still be leaps and bounds cheaper than machining stuff.
  4. So I got a package today in the mail... Here's a little teaser. I will post all of the pictures tonight when I get some more time. WP_20170308_10_32_41_Pro_zpspu5vxkmi.jpg
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    Intensive amount of info you wrote. Seems like you got it planned good with all the info you wrote
  6. Well, today is tomorrow, so apologies for the delay. But I hope the wait was worth it :) Now, for your viewing pleasure...




    Right Center Receiver:

    Left Center Receiver:


    Front Receiver:

    Left Assembled Body:

    Right Assembled Body:

    Bolt Carrier Loose Assembly:

    Body Loose Assembly:

    So that's all for now. I will be machining more parts over the next coming weeks. I just want to take a quick second to thank you guys for the support. This project is slowly becoming reality, and it feels amazing to finally have something in hand. And again, sorry for the delay, but I hope it was worth the wait! See you guys soon.
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    Mate, Thats dope!
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    That looks amazing dude! ...i was eyeing up a milling machine while buying some welding supplies yesterday...i might have to start saving my pennies!
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    Sooooooooooo shiny !!!! That's beautiful work my friend I can't wait to see the finished product !
  10. Thanks guys :D

    Monday I've got 75lbs of raw material pieces coming in so I can start machining the internal components. I'm on spring break this week so I will have several days off work to machine components so stay tuned for that! I also want to set up a camera to record some machining and do a fast forward vid for that stuff eventually. And seeing as the M3D Pro is going to take their sweet time, I may be picking up another printer soon so I can start printing the battle rifle. But here's some pictures of some bananas for scale. It will look better when I get more parts on it, but for now it's big and awesome haha.


    (The 3D printed chamber will be replaced by a machined one.)
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    Wow! So clean and pretty, can't wait to see it finished!
  12. Hey guys! I've got some good stuff for you today. I have begun machining components over the past couple of days. The first thing that I have started with is remaking the chamber components rather than using the one that my pokey little 3D printer made. I took lots of pictures... and some video! I will be trying to take as much footage of my machining as possible.
    Check it out here:

    First things first: I placed the bolt carrier in the body for some proof of concept stuff. This will require some modifications to make sure things fit nicely and the bolt cycles freely. It is a little snug as of now due to tolerance buildup, but it's nothing (fingers crossed) that can't be fixed.


    The piston lines up very nicely with the hop unit and should create a nice seal.

    The bolt carrier also properly resets the hammer in the trigger unit.

    Ok, now onto the machining.
    First thing I did was to turn down the center pin that the two bipod legs bolt into. (This is in the last portion of the video.)
    I am currently using a spring and ball detent to get the legs to snap into place. I will be replacing the spring with something stiffer as eventually the current spring will be too weak I believe. The bipod is steel after all ;)


    The next thing was to start on the chamber. I laid out a rough pattern and then edited my CAD part to use for measurements.

    And then I set to work machining. Below are my progress photos, but feel free to check the video out for how I did it. Note: I still have to add the castle features and I will eventually be epoxying the components together into place.



    And of course I had to put it on the gun to see just how it looks, and man dies it look pretty. Can't wait to get the castle features finished on this beauty!



    Also in other news, I finally got myself a decent 3D printer! It's a JGAURORA (you can get it on Amazon), and I will be using it to print my battle rifle over the next week or so. I've got 2Kg of ABS so hopefully that will be enough.


    I've begun modelling in the purchased components and modifying the Battle Rifle to accept the parts.

    And I have begun printing the sight.

    Ok, that's it for this update! I will be trying to take a lot more footage for you guys as I continue to machine parts. Stay tuned!
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    God damn that thing must weigh a ton! it looks fantastic though! here's hoping for the halo 5 AR with all the addons and sights next!
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    Ohhhhhh man that looks incredible. Will you be painting or not?
  15. It's a heavy pig haha. But it'll be so worth it.
    I have started on the Halo 4 Assault Rifle, so after the Halo 4 Battle Rifle is done printing, I will finish that design. So unfortunately the Halo 5 model is not on the chopping block.

    I will be anodizing the aluminum for the body in a dark gray and the steel in black oxide. The bolt carrier will be clear anodized (so it stays the silver color). And I will be coating the scope in rubber so it will be a nice soft matte black. Once that's all done, then I will go back in and weather the gun with some paint and then seal it.
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    I was hoping you were going to anodize it! This thing is going to look amazing.

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