Halo Reach: ODST Mk I

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by ACBrotherhood, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Thanks, but I wish. It's hard to see what they're supposed to be like in the video, since it's all "shaky-cam" and distant shots. But from one scene, I can go forward in saying I have the right measurements.
  3. ACBrotherhood

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    I'm going to take a break for a week or two, mainly because there are some other projects that I want to try and get done before then. But don't worry, I'll Still build the second gauntlet, but it'll only just be when I have more free time. And when the two weeks is up, I'll get back right on this.
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    Ok, I'm definitely following this thread as I'm currently in the middle of the same build using AndrewDFT's templates. Your armour's looking good mate.
  5. ACBrotherhood

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    Finished the second gauntlet and made it different from the first, mainly because the sheer difficulty the first one had with it's knobs and what-not. Glue-coated them both the second time last night and going to apply the third one today before priming it tomorrow.
    IMG_6688.jpg IMG_6687.jpg
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    I have primed the gauntlets, I will the paint them blue and and white accents. Will post pictures soon.

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