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    Find more information here
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    Could you unfold the vigilant armour (jun) from the memories of reach. Really want to build it but have no experience in pep unfolding.
  3. I would love to, but that would take a lot of time. Focusing on finishing up my current build in the next couple of months hopefully. I recommend watching this tutorial provided in the link below.

    Scroll down just a little bit and you will see it.

    That's how I got up and running with Unfolding. I used the model he made featured in his tutorial to practice on and follow along with. Once you get the model into Pepakura, just select the option Undo Unfold in the top tool bar. Doing so will reset the model to default, so you will be able to Unfold it again.

    Sorry, for declining the request. Hope the provided link to the tutorial will be of good help for you.:)
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    Thanks for the link. Will give it a look.
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    Looking pretty good - you do have access to the File Archive, however, I'd urge you to try hosting your files there.
  7. Thanks! went ahead, and uploaded it to the archive. Still going to post here with the references. Going to start providing a direct link to the file in the File Archive.
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    Nice work on the unfolds - I'm sure the community will appreciate them. I may even use them myself down the line!

    As an aside, however: please don't link screenshots in the description box. It ends up breaking the page; I just had to go in and fix that. If you want to add a thumbnail, upload a 400x400px snapshot of your file along with the main PDO, and check it as 'is thumbnail'. I just edited your upload with a thumbnail I took myself; try to use that as an example for how to get files uploaded and deal with the description down the line.

    Also, don't mark your PDO files as thumbnails - it hides from from the download table :p

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  9. Thanks, didn't know how to get the thumbnail to work
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    Easy mistake to make, even I wasn't sure at first. It's not incredibly clear in the Archive how to do it, so I don't blame you. I'll write up a tutorial in the future so other people don't end up making the same mistake.
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    Great archive and thanks for the help you have no idea how impossible it is to find the Archillies helm
  12. Your very welcome DH! I had the Archilles forearm Unfolded but it got lost. I was about to save some progress on it, then my computer ran out of juice. It totally destroyed the file. Not sure if your trying to do the whole Archilles armor? Sucks having to start a Unfold all over again, lol.
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    no not really, im pretty new to the forum with the intent on just having a massive collection of video game props and replicas; specifically from halo and destiny. but sorry you had to loose a file like that, ive only tried to make my own armor once in pepakura and for weeks i was sitting in front of a computer screen making the vault of glass titan boots when i turned in my rolly chair and knocked down my lap topand pulled some wires. long story short i have immense admiration for the creators and artists on this sight.
  14. That sucks. I hear ya on that one.:facepalm Really the people that deserve it the most is 343 studios, and those who have gained access to the files, and then have provided them here for other members to use. [MENTION] Chernobyl[/MENTION] deserves a big thanks for her time in getting the files organized, and uploaded to the site!
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    wow man that is great! I was completely unaware of the archive until you mentioned it. It's fantastic just the shear size and amount of files in this thing. Chernobyl must super dedicated to have organized something on this scale. But out of curiosity I was wondering if you knew of anyone i could message or a specific thread to post on to request something made in pep and unfolded. currently i dont have the Patience and Time:lol (sorry for the horrible pun) but mostly because i'm not very talented at creating templates on the program. I was hoping someone could create the destiny golden loot chest. i wanted something meaning full and memorable to put my xbox inside of.
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    Best Christmas ever ! Thank u so much !

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  20. Glad to be of help! On a side note, it looks like the MENTION tool isn't working. It's been acting up for me also. Don't know what the reason is for it not working. Anyways, be sure to show some pics! Enjoy!
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    The mention tool has been working for me. It can be tricky though with numbers and special characters especially spaces. Tanner forgot the letter d in your name.

    Nice work on the unfolds by the way. :thumbsup 457 pieces is going to be a challenge, but well worth it in my opinion.
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    This is awesome lol and it was on my birthday was the 6 lol thanks for the sharing .
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  23. BryZad

    Thank you kindly sir!
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    Hey can you unfold the XV-27 shifting forearm into a foam form? if you can please get back to me!
    i also have a couple more if you can do.

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