Female GEN2 SCOUT Armor (Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer) Build [+ more]

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by CommanderPalmer, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Nice use of DOF Mara! And speaking of space luckily I have a spare bed room.
  2. PerniciousDuke


    Oh nice helmet liner. That is the same method I was hoping to try... borrow one from an unused construction helmet.

    Great work as usual.. On the room upgrade... couldn't you have just put the armor inside the closet instead of putting a shelf in front of the closet. ;P
  3. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    I don't think that would be a good idea. They're Hunters inside.
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  4. Dirtdives


    It must be a very big closet........
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  5. CommanderPalmer


    I don't have a locker room or anything... My locker is litterally just a tiny bit bigger than this stand... . _ .

    =// UPDATE \\=

    My pile of shame... I *hate* masking. And that thigh piece is so damn big and required so much masking... V_V Should have finished that over a week ago. So you see how much it took me to gather myself and finally do it. 1f611.png -_- Still, one last stage - the red markings are still missing...

    DSC02928.JPG DSC02929.JPG

    Also, made this video with tips on how to cut out and assemble pepakura pieces fast, easy and efficiently:

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  6. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Thigh came out great tho.....I agree masking is the worst. If I may...... how are you stenciling out your red markings?
  7. Spartan55


    it just sunk in how much mas my armour is going to suck.... but your armour is looking great, how do you make the detail lines in the armour?
  8. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Wait, what? You did a Pepakura tutorial before the paint tutorial?! Lol, just picking wit ya!
  9. CommanderPalmer


    SI3RRA 117 I make them digital, then print them out, cut out and use as template which I draw on tape and cut out and spray paint.

    Spartan55 Why would your armor ever suck . _ .

    SavedbyGraceG12 Yeah, I suck I know. ^^

    // UPDATE:

    Yay, the right thigh is now all done and prepared for weathering and finishing. Working on left thigh and will start to strip down paint from shins too...

    DSC02931.JPG DSC02932.JPG
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  10. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    CommanderPalmer- quick question for you, why don't you paint the foam details before you put them on? I feel like that would save you from having to mask nearly as much. It would also make the edges perfect so there would be no need for small touch up work either.

    I'm sure there is a good reason for your process, I'm just curious.

    I'd like to also say your build looks pretty amazing.
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  11. Spartan55


    Opps didn't mean that it was going to suck I meant it's going to suck taping it:lol:
    Also I noticed that you have stenciled out the red parts do you do that while the tape is on the armour?
  12. CommanderPalmer


    AlphaZero Um... I've never seen someone painting the foam first, then gluing it on... Foam is flexible, while the paint is more flexible, I would never even think about painting the foam first, then gluing the pieces on the armor... You need to heat seal the foam first (and if you're sealing it more with pva,plastidip, etc then it's even more work) and even heat sealing foam it will 99% shrink it and deform it if you don't glue it first.
    I have never seen anyone sealing and painting all small foam pieces and then only gluing them together...
    Like it or not, masking is part of the paintjob. ^^" You can go away with masking if you are just doing one color for full armor.
    Well, spray painting for me is just the beginning, then I'll paint many things by hand and weather the whole part...

    Spartan55 I mean, I realized that when I was writing that post, but I was curious why would it suck :p Unless you plan on doing many details in multiple colors, doing stripes or 'simpler' markings is much easier. :) So I'm just curious what you've planned.
    It depends - I'm doing both. Cutting the markings out on the tape, or putting on the tape first on the armor part, then cutting it out - really depends. :)
  13. Spartan55


    Thanks palmer. I'll probably ask you for more help wti get close to painting
  14. CommanderPalmer


    Spartan55 You're welcome and yeah, if you have any questions - just ask. :)

    No real update. Just seen Spider-Man and totally recommend watching it... And I've ordered a new Dremel today. I realized I won't find the tip for that chinese crap I have, so I'll rather order new one... Ordered real Dremel this time, not the cheapest crap possible. XD
    Should arrive on Monday or maybe earlier... crying because my monies just flew away, but after some thought I will need it more often so I'll survive.
  15. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    CommanderPalmer - Do you really need to heat seal it though? I would just hit it with primer then paint it. I would imagine primer does a great job filling the pores in the foam. It would also retain nearly all of its flexibility so attaching it after would be easy. I don't have any experience with foam so I'm just curious as I will be using some in my build, and if there is a more efficient way to do something then why not right.
  16. mblackwell1002


    Filler primer tends to crack, and does not fill in the pores of foam well at all. The way CommanderPalmer does it is the best and most efficient and effective way of doing it. I've tried what you suggested (with multiple brands of filler primer), but it cracks all over the place and looks pretty terrible once it's done.

    Anyway, Commander, that thigh armor is looking fancy! Nice job! It seems that progress has slowed a little bit, tool but I still eagerly await more progress!
  17. CommanderPalmer


    Unsealed foam most of the time eats paint.
  18. CommanderPalmer


    In the meantime I've made a video on how I add those details and all:

    Also, I've finished left thigh... No idea why but I just couldn't find the motivation to do it... Weird, because it really wasn't that much work.
    Now, preparing it for painting.
    Started stripping down the paint on the right shin and half of it is done so I've went ahead and added details too. Still, now have to strip down paint from both shin pieces... and then only arm pauldrons and chest piece is remaining.

    PS. I bought a Dremel tool! :D

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  19. Dirtdives


    Well it's about time!!!! I'm amazed you waited so long. Now you are going to become power mad with its use......be fore warned though.....it has a tendency of running away on you. Be firm w/ your grip but be gentle on the touch. If you press too hard, it will eat into your piece. You also need to follow the rotation of the Dremel.....Don't go back and forth. Just one way......What have you been using till now?
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  20. CommanderPalmer


    Um, Dirtdives, I was using a similar multitool since ages. But my father broke it and I was left with a shitty cheapest chinese crap... which didn't work because I lost a tip to it. So, I had to buy new one and instead of going for chinese cheap crap again, went for Dremel this time. ^_^ I did a lot of things with such tool, it was just different brand. I don't know what brand it was though, thought Dremel too or something similar. It wasn't mine. But it was much bigger and heavier than this Dremel 3000. It's much comfy to use it, when I was using other thing for a longer time my hand was hurting so much because that thing was heavy... This thing? So small and light. :D
    Very comfortable in hand. I'm in love.
    Also, dunno may be just me and that I've used a bigger and heavier tool before but this thing works like a charm, no running away at all.
  21. Dirtdives


    ok just checking. congrats on teh new tool. Use it in good health.
  22. Kusak3


    looking good. And how is the face healing after the encounter with the Cut off wheel?
  23. CommanderPalmer


    Dirtdives Seriously, thank you. ;) And I will! May the Force be with my Dremel. :D

    @Kusak Words can't describe it...


    -- UPDATE --

    VERY late update... but oh well. Unfortunately it's been raining today again and I can't make progress with stripping paint. >:[
    But, I primed the left thigh and gave it first coat.

    Also, started weathering multiple pieces today!

    Made some progress on right thigh... also did some work on the helmet but no photo, tomorrow maybe.


    ALSO, did most work on this boot part. And this is very important because I'm using this for tutorial/walkthrough... so yep, it's coming soon finally. (you don't want to know how much footage I have recorded which I won't use because I'll have to cut it anyway :D)
    Tomorrow will make more progress and finish it. :3

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  24. mblackwell1002


    HAHAHAHA? "Foot-age"? xD

    Nice paint work! Most impressive, most impressive! I definitely look forward to that tut. If it helps me improve my terrible painting skills, I'm all ears. lol. :D
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  25. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Mara be dangerous wit dat dremel! Beautiful paint work!(y)


    Shame on you blackwell! Are you referring to Mara's hobbit feet!?o_O
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