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  1. xanzx

    xanzx Recruit

    My newly completed ODST at J-Popcon 2017 here in Denmark! Really satisfied with the result, and working with S. Bradley's armor kit was just awesome..!

  2. Sentri


    After a year of repair work, and a failed initial reveal, this armor finally held together this past weekend, now being my second complete suit!

    Tex Dance.jpg
  3. SPARTAN1803

    SPARTAN1803 Drone

    The Achilles helmet was not made by me, only painted
    The Fett helm was my first completed pepakura project. The side piece was screwed up in the bondo process
    The Quinn hammer was my first foam project, I can't remember who made the template I used but it can be easily found on youtube
  4. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Brute

    Full steel Iron Man MK IV finished and out for it's first public appearance, raising funds for the Starlight Foundation.





  5. crusinsx

    crusinsx Recruit

    That ironman suit, mate is absolutly jaw dropping! Bravo good sir and bless you for raising funds for starlight!
    I hope to see this upclose one day at a convention.
  6. thatdamnjodie

    thatdamnjodie Recruit

    Started here two years ago

    Now I'm here
  7. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Hi guys,
    Here is my completed armour.

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