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  1. Psyisawesom8503

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    I took a break from my ODST armour to focus more on their iconic weapon, the silenced SMG.

    Using a template that I found online, I printed it and cut it out. (Mcfarlane Red Soldier figure for reference)
    This is the insulation foam that I used. It is that pink panther brand (I call it pink panther brand because it has a pink panther on it) that you get at home depot. I will have a link to it here: Owens Corning FOAMULAR C-300 Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Insulation - 24 Inch x 96 Inch x 2 Inch Ship Lap Edge | The Home Depot Canada
    I then cut it out using a craft knife and extremely sharp blades. 20170315_160411[1].jpg
    I think I'm just going to restart. I don't think it looks good enough and that I could have done better. Tell me what you guys think about me progress. Thanks.

    Update: I finished the SMG, but I totally forgot to document the process (my bad). Anyway here is the finished smg.
    Next is the paint job!
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  2. Dirtdives


    Its a good start. You can sand down those rough edges and cuts to make it look smoother. You could also try using a hit knife. It would keep your cuts clean and smooth as well.
  3. TurboCharizard


    I've found that working with C-300 isn't too great with hot-knives or soldering irons because it gets sticky, accumulates on the blade and leaves rough edges. There's just something about the surface skin that likes to stick to heated tools.

    I'm just finishing off a Fuel Rod Cannon that's ~90% C-300 and will have a build breakdown up after the convention this weekend. Best tips for shaping though? Hotwire, scrollsaw and belt sander.
  4. Psyisawesom8503

    Psyisawesom8503 New Member

    Yeah but I don't have the expensive equipment that would make the process easier for me.
  5. StayFrosty


    Bandsaws and belt sanders are expensive yes, so I get that, but you can make your own hotwire cutter pretty inexpensively, and it's a very effective tool for insulation foam.
  6. mike bike

    mike bike

    my dermal has a sander attachment that might be idea for this. They are kind expensive depending on the model but defiantly worth the investment if you want to do a lot of cosplay stuff. I got one on amazon for like $30 but it broke on me, ended up getting one from home depot for $60 a lot quieter and got that 2 year protection plan.
  7. PaiganBoi


    Even though I have not worked with C300 foam before, I find low tech and cheap work pretty darn well. I learned the trick from Evil Ted and use sanding sticks of various grits. All you need is some paint stir sticks sand paper and some adhesive. They work really good to smooth out beveled edges.
  8. TurboCharizard


    Truth, mine is only a foot and a half length of wire, a coat hanger and 2 D cell batteries effectively. I've seen some awesome setups before like Grant Thompson's "Styro-Slicer" which basically is a band saw style table with fences and all and a separable hotwire arm. There's a lot of choice out there for tools really, it's just a matter of how much your sanity is worth when you're using small cutting tools on multiple large props :p
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  9. Distemper


    You may want to watch some of Punished Props YouTube videos they have some awesome techniques and ideas for working with all types of foam. I have gotten allot of inspiration from them and they are friends of Evil Ted also and collaborate on occasion.
  10. StayFrosty


    Old thread, but yeah I completely agree! Bill is a great guy, and more importantly, a great Prop Maker. He has a lot of tutorials on all kinds of stuff now, so he's a great recommendation.
  11. Distemper


    Yeah with his tips and tricks I have been able to make allot of cool stuff and now going to start on my Halo costume

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