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Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Nichosaurusrex, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Nichosaurusrex

    Nichosaurusrex New Member

    Hey guys I'm searching for any files or templates for Jorges Mk V Grenadier Armour I've downloaded the PDF from the armoury but am still looking for his forearms legs and if possible any foam files and if anyone has any files for his machine gun that would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  2. Schankerz


    Hey there, the forearms you're looking for are in the Halo Reach Accessories file, and the legs are just the regular Mark V you can find on the basic Mark V file.

    The file for the machine gun is under the Reach category in the armoury on the 2nd page, all the things I listed can be found in the Reach category in the armoury.

    Good luck with your project!
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  3. Dirtdives


    The machine gun is mixed in w/ a few other weapons. You need to DL the whole file.
  4. Nichosaurusrex

    Nichosaurusrex New Member

    Magic, thank you very much
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  5. BucketHead1444

    BucketHead1444 New Member

    If you're using the up armored variant I highly recommend using magnets to attach it to the helmet. Also what file are you using for the helmet?, Im interested in remaking my helmet.
    Good luck & Happy building
  6. Spades

    Spades New Member

    hey dude, Im looking for literaly ANY eva foam armor templates for any halo armor suit. Do you have a full suits templates? thanks my dude
  7. Dirtdives


    @Spades that is a pretty long list......I can help but you need to b a bit more selective of what you are looking to build.
  8. Spades

    Spades New Member

    So foam templates for a basic halo reach suit , I'm also looking for the foam templates for the HAZOP helmet from reach, thanks
  9. Dirtdives


    Ok let me just dig through the archives for you.....but again a basic HALO Reach......still to vague. Here is the Hazop helmet. HERE
  10. Spades

    Spades New Member

    Idk what it's called, but whatever file is easiest related to halo reach suit that you can find, that'd be great, I'm not looking for anything specific, the first suit you find would be fine
    Thanks for all the help my dude

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