Reach Royale - Saturday 23:30 UTC (4:30pm PST)

Discussion in '405th Halo Online Gaming (HOG)' started by mblackwell1002, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. mblackwell1002


    Hey guys! We will be having Halo: Reach tonight! Yay! With me back in action, I'm ready to blow out some brainzz.

    In order for me to use the back-compat online services, I have to play with my old account, BDub1002. I hope to see you all tonight!
  2. PerniciousDuke


    We have reports that vivalablake89 will be making a return tonight via orbital drop pod, feet first into hell!
    I'll be a little late. Had to work today (kinda weird being here alone).
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  3. mblackwell1002


    Ok man, sounds good. We'll see ya' there.

    I imagine we will be doing Custom Games. We'll just wing it.
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  4. vivalablake89


    we have to definitely do more big team battle, I think if we have a decent size group like we did the other night we should dominate every time. We actually had pretty organized coordination all over the map and the communication level was pretty good for the amount of people.
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