Halo Reach Mk V armor - My first foam build

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Jesse, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Greetings fellow Spartans,

    After attending many cons down in NZ and seeing an increase in Cosplayers I've finally decided to take the plunge and create my own Reach Mk V suit. After looking at heeeeeaps of the threads on here I decided to attempt a foam suit purely due to resin sounding like its a lot more work (granted that pep resin is exceptionally detailed and precise).

    I created a few Vanity Reach builds and came up with this concept. I figure that any suit contains the base Mk V armor pieces so I can always change up attachments if I wanted to later.


    Onto the build...

    I figured that I should begin with the helmet...gutsy I know considering this is my first build ever. Nonetheless I reasoned if I couldn't pull it off with foam I would seriously think about investing in materials for a pep resin build.

    So here we go...
    After printing the pep templates to my scale here is my work after an evening
    20170611_173744.jpg 20170611_173754.jpg

    Pretty stoked with the look so far. I'm using super glue for all initial joins and will follow up with either hot glue or sealant on the inside to strengthen and reinforce all joins.

    The following few evenings...

    20170612_235525.jpg 20170612_235540.jpg 20170612_235550.jpg

    Very happy so far with my first attempts at using EVA foam. Helmet fits my head well too thankfully! Not too keen on the HUL piece...will re do it differently later.

    I have some ideas in mind on the visor so will tackle that later once I get the materials.

    After all that I will now continue the Mk V build entirely out of EVA foam. Is a very good media to work with and importantly to me is very economical.

    More posts to come soon peeps. Until then I'm keen to get your feedback. Happy building!
  2. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Update time! So with the base construction of the helmet a relative success I have moved on to some other armor pieces. I plan to finish all basic construction and then do a full dremel/sand session on everything before sealing and smoothing any jiins that need it.

    So here is my first forearm...
    20170618_131055.jpg 20170618_131102.jpg 20170618_131109.jpg

    There are still a few foamie details to add but all in all very happy with the finished piece.

    Also, here is a little something that I made a while ago that is going to go down quite nicely with my Armor...


    Nite that the hilt is based off the "military issue" according to wiki...I may make the game version at a later date though.

    20160201_122306.jpg 20160201_122320.jpg 20160206_220926.jpg
    Looks really shiny here...I fixed this with some matt spray varnish by Army Painter...I do a lot of wargaming too so already had the can on hand.

    Here is the refernece picture used to create my piece...I got the real world dims off wiki then scaled the jpeg image in AutoCad (civil engineer by trade so I have access to some helpful tools).
    I still have some details to add like the writing etc per the above picture.
    And finally a group picture with the other weapons I've made/started to date...
    20160403_221955.jpg 20160328_162652.jpg

    That's all for now peeps. More posts to come not too far away! Happy building!
  3. PaiganBoi


    Your bucket and forearm look great. Your weapons are coming along nicely as well. Can't wait to see the finished suit.
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  4. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Thanks PaiganBoi (and Chiefwannabe for the likes). It's been an enjoyable challenge so far. My next post will be a biggie...working on the chest at the moment...stay tuned as I am super stoked at how it's coming along and keen to see what you all think.
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  5. Chiefwannabe


    Excitement level has reached 100!!!!!!!
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  6. mblackwell1002


    OOooh. Very nice work so far! I've never used super glue on foam before, but that is turning out quite nice! Good work! Your foam work so far is some of the best I've seen!

    Keep up your awesome work!
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  7. Redheadwolf

    Redheadwolf New Member

    That foam work is gorgeous!
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  8. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Thanks Chiefwannabe, mblackwell1002 and Redheadwolf for the encouraging feedback. Much appreciated.

    So after a busy Sunday afternoon's work I assembled the torso pieces I've been working on the last few days...
    Part 1...

    Then the lower chest piece... was constructed separately...

    Then the back...

    I love the detail in the back part of the torso...had really been looking forward to creating this piece...
    And finally, all assembled. The lower parts are connected with two black plastic buckles on the inside so I can actually get in the thing!

    20170708_210348.jpg 20170708_210355.jpg 20170708_210401.jpg

    So yeah...that's where it's at for now. There are still heaps of details to add to the torso as well as additional reinforcing on the inside and padding to make it even more comfy.

    Let me know what you think so far. Thanks again for support and feedback - is very motivating Will update when I've added more detail
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  9. Chiefwannabe


    Your foam work is so god dam clean man!! The scaling of the torso looks spot on as well, very well done!! once its all finished and painted its gonna be mind blowing!! i love how everyones doing a reach build at the moment! by the end of the year there's going to be enough of us to stop a covenant invasion!
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  10. Dirtdives


    WOW!!!! seam lines are so clean......and the indented sections are just as crisp......Unbelievable work Jesse. Detail cut lines are pin straight!!!
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  11. PaiganBoi


    Agreed. Your cuts and seams are really really really really good. Please tell me you used a band saw for your cuts. If this was by knife in hand, I bow down to your skills.
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  12. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Hey everyone! Thank you all for your kind words and likes!

    Chiefwannabe I can't wait to paint this badboy.

    I will be ordering my plastidip spray in the near future. On that note, does anyone have any tips/warnings about plastidip? I will do a test piece before committing to the armor.

    Thanks Dirtdives and PaiganBoi. I've been taking my time with the cuts and it's paid off. All cuts made by hand with regularly sharpened craft knives. I do wish I had a bandsaw! Maybe one day...

    So after posting last night I continued on and added various foamie panels to add further detail.

    Now, I don't mind if you laugh at these pics (my wife sure did)...the only thin craft foam I can source locally is a mixed pack of coloured A4 sheets.
    I therefore present to you all the jester of Halo Reach builds...hahaha

    20170710_233943.jpg 20170710_233954.jpg 20170710_234010.jpg 20170710_234023.jpg 20170710_234058.jpg

    The panels I've glued to the "arm-holes" have softened the sharp joins creating a more ergonomic look. Ther are a couple more details to add to the front panel. I will also be adding two additional small buckles to further aid with making the side joins line up just right

    OBVIOUSLY, it's going to look much better once painted...have I mentioned that I can't wait to do that part? Haha

    As always, thanks again for your feedback. Til next post...
  13. PaiganBoi


    Ha. That's what Spartan armour would look like when someone is on an acid trip. Still, looking good.
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  14. Dirtdives


    Or build by Walt Disney.....(Saying this while picking jaw up off the floor)......Looks even better if possible.
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  15. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Hi all...back with an update. Has been a bit of a slow build week...busy busy at work and also prepping for our 2nd baby due this September...

    Anyhow, I completed my 2nd forearm and finished adding all details to my 1st one. Also added additional details to the helmet surrounding where the visor goes. Ordered a sample piece of gold window tint which I slipped into the helmet to test... visibility is ok...will still work...buuuut not amazing...looks good from the outside but will continue to look for options.


    Been searching the forums too and I'm going to trial Mawrtrons sealing/painting method on a scrap foam piece... I already have heaps of modpodge so if it works I can save a truckload not buying plastidip.

    Thanks for looking =)
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  16. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Very nice everything's looking great. I mean no offense by this but would it be alright if I dub you Spartan Skittles?
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  17. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Lol, thanks SI3RRA 117. No offense taken at all. Lol. In fact, if I'd known how crazy colourful my build was going to be pre-paint and pre-registering on 405th, Spartan Skittles would've been the perfect username!

    I managed to locate someone who sells mini fans too so figuring out how I can fit these into the helmet...just not sure yet how to orient the fans so that that draw air in...I'd rather not have to cut ugly obvious vents into the helmet if possible...

    Will hopefully have some more updates later this week =)
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  18. PaiganBoi


    If you are looking for visor material, give this a look. I am considering buy this for my visor.... Of course that all depends on when I finally get to building my bucket.
    Flexible Metallic Visor material
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  19. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Cheers for the link PaiganBoi. Will definitely keep it in mind. I have got a sample of silver mirror tint on its way to me as well so I will compare the visibility to the gold sample...both will look good with the intended blue colour scheme I want to do...the wifey tells me she thinks the silver may actually look cooler...will post my findings later.
  20. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Update time...finally! So I know I said I was gonna wait until I'd constructed everything before I sanded and sealed - but I was itching to paint something!
    So I picked up a dremel rotary tool - such an amazing tool! I was able to smooth out little imperfections and a few rough edges. Next I did a whole load of sealing using white paintable silicon caulk. Sealed all joins on my helmet, forearms and the majority of the inside of the chest. I then used a modpodge/water mix and applied multiple coats. Then it was time for paint! Simple black undercoat which should be completely dry by morning - sorry for the poor lighting, it's very late. 20170722_231936.jpg

    One forearm also mostly undercoated as well. No more Mr Spartan Skittles on theses pieces =(
    I also added the front lower chest details (pre silicon sealing pic).
    Aaaand started on a shin. Seems quite big in depth but height wise is fine. Planning to fill out the inside with some upholstery foam - I run a lot but my calves aren't as big as a spartans!
    20170722_232622.jpg 20170722_232636.jpg
    Also started on the Cod piece - will post more pics when it's in a more complete state. That's all for tonight - will hopefully have some time tomorrow to add another color or two to the helmet and forearms!
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  21. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Well your stuck with spartan skittles no matter how much paint you put on it lol. Painted parts look great in the dark :p. Im impatient and enjoy he painting most and paint pieces as I finish them as well. In all seriousness tho looks like your making great progress and your foam skills are quite impressive. Seams are so clean are you using a contact cement for adhesive? Look forward to the next update
  22. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Lol thanks SI3RRA 117. Woke up to a super smooth and dry helmet this morning.
    Definitely making progress - trying to trooper through so I dont lose my motivation. I don't have much in the way of time constraints - theres a con in Oct but prob wont make that one as I'll be juggling a newborn! Next one I know of is next May... so yeah, plenty of time til then.
    Back to your question, I'm using super glue for all joins. Seems to do the trick and is very quick setting.
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  23. Dirtdives


    What brand super glue? I tried the original Crazy Glue brand and the foam started to smoke so I stopped using it.
  24. PaiganBoi


    Yes what brand do you use? Does it come in large volumes? Considering how much you have to put together you must have gone through a lot.
    Dirtdives, seriously?? It's started to smoke on contact??? That is some scary stuff.
    This is the stuff I use for small areas and details. s0871718_sc7.jpg
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  25. Dirtdives


    It gave off a very acrid smell.....

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